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Plastic Blow Molded Products

You can create a custom manufacturing service of plastic blow molded products in Maxtech, such as: packaging containers/buckets/bottles/cans, chairs, trays, toys, toolbox cases, lampshades, hollow bases and more. We offer one stop solution including materials, mold making, manufacturing, surface treatment, inspection test, packaging, assembly, report and flexible delivery (factory delivery, port delivery or door to door). Contact us for custom plastic blowmolded products directly from the Chinese manufacturer.

Product Range: 1200mm*1600mm*500mm
Maximum Forming Weight: 38kg
Surface Treatment: Color can be custom made, please let us know the Pantone color code before production.
Quality Control:
Quality inspection will be performed strictly under ISO9001:2008 management standard.
Inspection tools are including: Projector, CMM, Chromatographic Instrument, Abrasion Tester.

Production Equipment List of Plastic Blow Molding Equipment:
Full automatic blow molding machine with SJ1030 model 2 sets
CNC vacuum blow molding machine 2 sets
Double-layer pull rod blow molding machine 2 sets
Hydraulic blow molding machine 2 sets