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Plastic Parts & Plastic Products

Here we list some products, industries, production capacity and equipment information to you as a reference. Hope to have some help in the production of your products. Contact us for custom precision plastic products and plastic parts directly from the China manufacturer.
Mainly Service:
Injection Molding, Rotational Molding, Blow Molding, Thermoforming & Vacuum Forming, Compression Molding, Plastic Fabrication & Machining.
Automobile, Furniture, Cell Phone, Notebook & Computer, Lighting, Electrical Appliances, Packaging Equipment, Toys, Playground, Advertising, Stationery, Housings/Covers/Cases/Enclosures, Containers/Buckets/Bottles/Cans/Tanks, Pallets & Trays and more.

Injection Molded Products Plastic Rotomolded Products
Product Range 2000mm*1400mm*1100mm Product Range 4200mm*4200mm
Maximum Molding Weight 6.5 kg Molded Wall-Thickness 2mm ~ 16mm
Tolerance Range ±0.05mm ~ ±0.2mm Tolerance Range ±3mm per meter
Plastic Blow Molded Products Plastic Thermoformed Products
Product Range 1200mm*1600mm*500mm Product Range Thin Panel: 0.1mm ~ 1.2mm thickness
Thick Panel: 1.5mm ~ 25mm thickness
Maximum Forming Weight 38kg Maximum Forming Area 1600mm * 2350mm

Surface Treatment: Color can be custom made, please let us know the Pantone color code before production.
Quality Control:
Quality inspection will be performed strictly under ISO9001:2008 management standard.
Inspection tools are including: Projector, CMM, Chromatographic Instrument, Abrasion Tester.

Equipment List

Injection Molding Equipment Rotomolding Equipment  
Equipment Quantity Equipment Quantity
80 tons 5 sets 360 degree shuttle rotomolding machine 2 sets
120 tons 5 sets Heating swing rotomolding machine 4 sets
160 tons 3 sets Multiple arms and stations rotomolding machine 8 sets
180 tons 3 sets 360 degree all around tower type rotomolding machine 2 sets
250 tons 3 sets Shuttle swing rotomolding machine 2 sets
350 tons 2 sets    
450 tons 2 sets    
800 tons 1 sets    
Blow Molding Equipment Vacuum Forming Machine
Equipment Quantity Equipment Quantity
Full automatic blow molding machine with SJ1030 model 2 sets Full automatic vacuum forming machine 2 sets
CNC vacuum blow molding machine 2 sets Semi automatic thick panel vacuum forming machine 2 sets
Double-layer pull rod blow molding machine 2 sets Full automatic high speed vacuum forming machine 2 sets
Hydraulic blow molding machine 2 sets    

Injection Molded Products

Rotomolded Products

Blow Molded Products