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Injection Molding Service

After accumulating 15 years experience and developing more than 500 plastic products, Maxtech now has the very mature techniques and unique point of views in making the injection mold. You can create a custom manufacturing service of injection molded products in Maxtech, we offer one stop solution including materials, injection mold making, manufacturing, surface treatment, inspection test, packaging, assembly, report and flexible delivery (factory delivery, port delivery or door to door). We also offer some product solutions for mixed processes, like in-mold decoration (IMD), in-mold labeling (IML), insert molding, outsert molding, overmolding and PEI resin injection molding.

Product Range:
The maximum injection molded size is 2000mm*1400mm*1100mm.
The heaviest weight of injection molded part is 6.5 kg.
Tolerance Range: ±0.05mm ~ ±0.2mm
Surface Treatment: Color can be custom made, please let us know the Pantone color code before production.
Quality Control:
Quality inspection will be performed strictly under ISO9001:2008 management standard.
Inspection tools are including: Projector, CMM, Chromatographic Instrument, Abrasion Tester.

Production Equipment List of Plastic Injection Molding Machine:
80 tons 5 sets 250 tons 3 sets
120 tons 5 sets 350 tons 2 sets
160 tons 3 sets 450 tons 2 sets
180 tons 3 sets 800 tons 1 sets

Other Processes of Injection Molding

FAQ for Injection Molding Service

What Do You Need to Provide Us When You Send Your RFQ:
In order for us to provide you an accurate price, it is very important that you let us know your requirements as detailed as possible, especially the material type, the usage of your product, as well as the order quantity, since this will affect the unit price directly. We focus on customize products, so each single injection molded part will be custom made in order to suit individual client’s requirement.

For quotation, if a 3D file (in stp. or igs. formats) could be provided to us, this is the best, we can measure the dimensions and calculate the weight accurately from such a file, so that an accurate price can be provided.
For production purpose, a 2D / PDF file is very important, since it has the tolerance information which cannot be seen from a 3D file.

Target Price:
If you have a budget and could let us know your budget prices, this will be very helpful as well. We can adjust the manufacturing method and mold lifetime to meet your target prices. As mentioned above, order quantity has a large effect on the prices as well due to economies of scale. So please kindly advise both your batch order quantity and annual order quantity to us. We will provide different pricing solutions based on different case of scenarios.

Production Lead Time:
The regular production lead time for plastic injection molded part is:
20 days to finish the mold, after the mold has been finished, it will be put into the injection molding equipment for testing. Normally there will be some slight adjustments, which will take around 1 week to 10 days.
After the mold testing result is good, then it will be used to produce some samples to clients to confirm the quality, this process will take 1 or 2 days.
We will deliver these physical samples to clients, so that they can see the products directly and feel the quality in hands. Sometimes clients also need to test the assembly with other components.
Only after the approval of these samples, we will then move forward to the mass production stage, which quality will be the same with the approved samples.
The mass production lead time will depend on the part size and order quantity. We will put an estimate production lead time information on our quotation sheets so the clients would have a general idea about the time schedule.

Product Surface Finishing:
For injection molded parts, some aspects might influence the surface appearance, such like gating position, parting line location, ejector pins positions, this is why we will confirm all these positions with clients before the actual production.
We can also make some surface treatments to the mold, such like polishing, mirror polishing, matt finish and adding textures, which will be confirmed with clients before production as well.
For some thicker areas of the products, there might be some shrinkage or flow marks after molding. Our design and engineering team will fully analyze the design in great details before production, if they foresee any shrinkage or flow mark problems, we will inform the clients and help the clients to update the design better to avoid such issues.

Materials of Plastic Injection Molding:
Material choices often relate to the using purpose of the product. We propose the most cost effective material choice to clients. We also use food grade materials and medical grade materials and produce these parts in our dust-free workshop.

Order Quantity:
Due to economies of scale, order quantity has a huge effect on the unit prices, basically speaking, the more you order, the lower the unit prices will be.
Besides this point, order quantity will affect on the production method as well. If the order quantity is very low, we will CNC machine it or 3D print it, instead of molding it to save clients the mold cost investment.
In addition, for instance, if one item can be made both by injection molding process and vacuum forming process, and if the order quantity is very high, we will recommend injection molding process, since although the injection mold cost is higher than vacuum forming mold, this process has a much lower unit price level. And when the order quantity reaches a certain level, partial or all of the injection mold cost will be returned to clients. So, again, letting us know your order quantity is very important and useful.